New Year, New Outlooks to Life!

By: Michael McCracken
Wednesday, January 27, 2021

A new year brings new outlooks to life.  The ever changing world around us can seem very unsettling.  Depressing news, COVID updates, lockdowns, loss of loved ones, and the list goes on.  Life can get downright discouraging.  However, we don’t have to let it get the best of us!  

For those of us who are feeling gloomy today, we can choose to take a moment to reflect on a positive time in our lives that brought a smile to our face.  We can attach our thoughts to that one positive experience and try to find another one to focus on throughout the day.  

For those who have recently lost someone close to you, we can reflect on a memory of them that is unforgettable and very meaningful.  We can share that memory with someone else so their legacy can live on.  

Another way of having a new outlook on life, is by being an encouragement to others.  Focusing on how we can cheer someone else up, instead of ourselves, can bring us much joy in return.  We can be thoughtful and leave someone a special note or card on their doorstep.  We can leave someone a meal or some treats or some funds, if we know they are struggling.  We can choose to be patient and pleasant while we are out and about doing our errands.  We can even do the smallest task by greeting someone cheerfully that we meet on our paths.  By making the decision to be considerate and respectful of others can give everyone a glimmer of hope that not all is darkness in this world of trouble. 

I encourage everyone today to have a greater outlook on life this year starting right now!  To confront the daily anxiety of life and make the choice to take control of your feelings.  To choose to react to the start of each new day by bringing to mind your most positive experiences you’ve had and looking forward to new happy memories.  To remember and share the great moments of someone else’s life and how they impacted you in an optimistic way, and by searching for ways to be an encouragement to everyone in your environment.  Let us decide to be the ones to set the standard of how we are going to react to the troubles of each day.  Let us choose to be an encouraging example to others and take pride in how we are going to leave our legacy, our footprint, how we will be remembered in this world.


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