Welcome To Blenheim ON

Welcome to Blenheim! Home of Cherry Fest, the Blenheim Survivor Challenge and the Blenheim Classics Autoshow. We have a colourful, vibrant community in which we love to live, work and play. Click to learn more about Our Town.

We are proud to serve the communities of Blenheim, Erieau, Charing Cross, Rondeau area, Shrewsbury, Cedar Springs, North Buxton, South Buxton and Merlin. 

A Little History.... 

In 2007, we were approached by Jon Ford of J.L. Ford Funeral Home in Blenheim. Jon was hoping to retire, and asked for us to continue to serve the community he had loved so much. We were honoured, and went to work almost immediately with some extensive renovations. 

Our objective was to create a brighter, larger, more inviting local funeral home. We also created a coffee lounge and reception area to better serve our families. As a result, we have created a local Funeral Home that is not only warm and inviting, but can comfortably hold over 200 people for a service. 

Interior View

McKinlay Funeral Homes

Merlin, ON

In 2014, Richard Smith, the owner of Secord & Smith Funeral Home also wished to retire. He was closing his doors and ran into a dilemma. Where was he going to keep all of the Funeral Home records? Who was going to look after his pre-arranged funerals? Who was going to serve the community of Merlin? We were truly honoured when Richard approached us to continue to serve the community of Merlin.